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Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our true direction.

You now have an opportunity to examine your personal and professional goals with the support of experienced career consultants in a program designed to assist you in all phases of the career transition process.

Paisley & Associates Career Transition Services, LLC provides a flexible package of services offered directly to fit your needs.

You will benefit if:

  1. You don’t have a job—have been laid off or downsized. “I thought my position was quite secure, but our company restructured, and they cut their staff…I’m totally panicked, I just was terminated and told to leave immediately … What do I do? How do I start?”
  2. You are in the “wrong” job —Not a good fit, mismatch, unhappy, bored, or stressed out on the job. “I make a living at my job, but I sure don’t look forward to going to work everyday.”
  3. You are entering/re-entering the workforce—lacking confidence, experience, skills, or direction. “I have decided to pursue a career now that the children are older.” “I have completed my military duty and am looking at career options.” “My divorce is final…I must find a job.”
  4. You are a recent graduate—lacking focus or just uncertain about the future; going from back-pack to brief-case. “As a student, I’ve had little exposure to the world of work; I really don’t have a defined career goal.”
  5. You are retired or nearing retirement—facing the future with no career direction. “I’m going to be retiring. I can still contribute and I’d like to work out a balance that allows for a flexible lifestyle.”

“You don’t know how much your continuing contact and encouragement meant to me during the process. Getting squared away and developing a clear and realistic plan took some time. Turning down a couple offers was not easy but your positive reminders about my capabilities resulted in my making a wise choice.” Technical Services, VP

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