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“A happy ending is often a question of a timely departure.” Van Zomeren

The initial consultation is free. A meeting is scheduled between you and the professional coach. We evaluate your desires and goals, then clarify the process, expectations and deliverables.

We design a  mutually agreed-upon plan and set a fee.

The program is based on your needs and is focused on outcomes, not timelines. The career coach works hand-in-hand, in partnership with you.

A flexible menu of options allows you to address your unique desires and needs. Depending on your plans and wishes, the tailored program could range from several weeks to several months.

The package of services includes professional coaching and guidance as you move through each stage.

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“It’s not a large company. I’m the second women hired at this level. The negotiation practice helped. The total compensation exceeded my expectations…maybe I’ve cracked if not “shattered the glass ceiling. Yea!” IT Manager

“I really gained a lot of insight about this process with you and will be forever grateful for your assistance
in helping make a new career a reality for me. You are truly in the business of ‘treating the human spirit.”
Religious Ministry, Coordinator

“After getting a divorce…your assistance in preparing me for the job search was truly beneficial. I’ve landed! I’ve come through a very stressful period in my life and am getting my confidence back.” Bookkeeper

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