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“Good career management consulting firms do not ‘sell’ you.  They help you identify your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, explore your needs, wants, and values, and determine your path in your life and career, and then they help you to create and implement a plan to achieve your goals.” *Riley Guide

Riley suggests, when searching for and doing business with a career transition firm, the following are reasons to decline the offer and avoid them like the plague!!

  1. The firm claims that they will market you. No, you market yourself.  The firm just provides the tools and the support.
  2. The firm guarantees they will find you a job. No, they can’t guarantee a successful search.  It’s your job to find a job not the firm’s.
  3. They claim to have direct access to the hidden job market. No, they can assist you with contacts and some connections, but they can’t do more than that.
  4. The firm has only one package and one price. No, legitimate career transition firms know that each individual has different needs; one standardized package does not fit all.
  5. They must have your decision now and need a check now.  No, you may be feeling stressed; you do not need to make a decision quickly.  What’s the rush?
  6. The firm contacts you after finding your resume on line.  No, you contact them, scrounging for client leads through on-line resumes is like ambulance chasing.

At Paisley & Associates Career Transition Services, LLC, we suggest that you ask the following questions when considering a Career Transition firm:

  1. Does the consultant/coach have a breadth of experience? Yes, each has business experience, an advanced degree, and 20 years of success with a range of clients.
  2. Are the costs for services based upon the services rendered? Yes, based on your needs and not on your salary level.
  3. Does the firm offer flexible programs?  Yes, the transition program is tailored to fully meet your unique needs.
  4. Does the career transition firm offer free initial consultation?  Yes, the firm allows you to ask questions and to get answers to your specific concerns.
  5. Will I be given time, after the initial contact, to consider the options? Yes, the fee is established through mutually agreed upon services; there is no rush to make a decision.
  6. Am I expected to be a full partner in the process?  Yes, you are expected to help “co-manage” needs, plans, and processes.

If your answers are a resounding YES to all of the above questions, select Paisley & Associates Career Transition Services, LLC for assistance. We offer a flexible menu of options to address your unique desires and needs.  To find a position in which you will thrive, we will partner with you and focus on enhancing your personal growth and career success.

*Google “Scams & Schemes in Career Management Services, find the Riley Guide:


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